Best Handwriting

Cameron’s first essay of the sixth grade is due today. They have been working on the whole writing process for a couple weeks. On Wednesday Cameron spent pretty much the whole English class period writing his final copy in his very best handwriting. He did an amazing job. He even asked me to help him fix his spelling errors. He really wanted to do the best he possibly could.


Looking at that handwriting, it’s amazing to see how far he’s come. Now, granted, that really is his best. Normally his handwriting is a bit more messy.


But looking over the last three years of writing samples, it’s incredible. The hours and hours and hours we have spent on his writing has truly paid off. The part marked age 9 is around the time he was diagnosed with dysgraphia before we really knew what dysgraphia was. The part marked age 10 was after about a year of working on it. The top is his rough draft, the middle is what I wrote fixing his spelling and punctuation errors, and the bottom is his “best handwriting” final copy. We worked a lot on spacing and the part marked age 11 is after another several months of working on his writing (he did that one in January). Since then we’ve worked a lot on keeping the words on the line instead of meandering up and down.


What makes me the happiest about the essay is that he worked so hard on it because he wanted to do the absolute best he could on it. It wasn’t about getting an A because even with all the spelling errors, he would have gotten an A (one of his accommodations is not counting off for spelling). It was about doing his best and knowing he did his best. That can only come from the inside. Cameron will be successful in life in large part because he has such an internal drive and tries so hard.

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