It’s Already November

Time is flying. In just 8 weeks the kids will have completed half of a year of public school. They brought home their first quarter report cards Friday. Ani got all A’s and 3 B’s, Cameron got all A’s and 2 B’s, Fritz got all A’s (and E’s for excellent in the subjects that they don’t receive actual grades), and Adrian got all +’s in academic things and mostly /’s and -‘s in behavioral things. They’ve definitely settled into public school easily.

In October it actually got cold enough to put pants on the boys. Of course a few days later we were back to the 80s again.

We adopted an adorable little 2 year old chihuahua-terrier mix doggy named Lola.

Ani had to dress as an author for school one day. She went as Dylan Thomas.

Adrian decorated an A since it is the first letter of his name. Almost half of the letters on the bulletin board were A’s. That’s a lot of A names in one kindergarten class!

The little guys dressed up as a Power Ranger and a Ninja for Halloween.

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