A couple weeks ago we decided to sign the little guys up for taekwondo classes. We’re hoping it’ll help Adrian control himself a little better. As it turned out, the whole family could take classes for the same price as two kids, so Jamie, the three boys, and I are doing two classes a week. Ani has too much homework so she’s not participating at this point.


We are all so bad at it, but it’s really, really fun! Occasionally we’ll get the moves right and it’s just totally awesome. It’s really great exercise. I discovered some muscles I didn’t even know existed when they got sore after the first couple classes.


Friday Cameron, Fritz, and I got to participate in a master class by Mr. Chat who was the blue Power Ranger in the Lightspeed Rescue series (that was one when Ani was a newborn). Adrian had been super bad at school that day so he didn’t get to go and Jamie was out of town. It was a fun class and quite a workout, especially for us brand new white belts.


I’m glad we decided to take taekwondo. I’m enjoying it way more than I ever thought I would.

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