Hot Chocolate Cones

Since we’ve always homeschooled, this is the first year that giving Christmas gifts to teachers has been something to think about. I kind of feel like the gift for Adrian’s teachers is “thanks for putting up with my kid” and the gift for Fritz’s teacher is “thanks for being the most fabulous teacher he could possibly have had this year.” Ani wanted to give gifts to her English and biology teachers and I thought it would be nice to give a gift to Cameron’s bus driver. Then there are the librarians I work with when I volunteer at the elementary school, the office guy I work with when I volunteer at the middle school, my visiting teachers and teachees (bonus, one of the people I visit is also Ani’s Sunday School teacher), and so on.

So what to make?

I checked out some things my friends have pinned on Pinterest (I almost never go there, but for stuff like this… very useful!) and landed on Hot Chocolate Cones. They are cute and looked easy enough. As it turned out, they were super easy and I made 15 of them in just a couple hours. The only one not getting a Hot Chocolate cone is Ani’s biology teacher (who is diabetic and so is getting a cone filled with Russell Stover sugar free candy instead).


I made the hot chocolate using a recipe that came up first when I googled. Powdered milk, confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, and powdered coffee creamer. I tested it and it does indeed make a good mug of hot chocolate. I put a cup of it into a disposable icing bag (that’s enough for three mugs of hot chocolate) and tied that bag off with tiny rubber bands. I put that into another bag, added some crushed starlight mints, some chocolate chips, and some marshmallows and used another tiny rubber band to close it up. After I took the picture I added a tag with directions and a purple ribbon (gold ribbon for the two for men). I think they turned out so cute!

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