Hold to the Rod

The other day I had plans to go to the temple. As can happen where we live, not long before I had to leave, very thick fog formed. I live less than a mile from the temple and I have driven that road many, many times so I know exactly where the stop signs and traffic lights are. I don’t like driving in the best of conditions, so I wasn’t thrilled to drive in the fog (visibility was literally about 5 feet), but I knew I could do it because I knew exactly where I was going.

In the parking lot looking up at the temple Moroni was barely visible, but he was there. I made it safely. As a bonus, a friend walked in not long after I did. I’m sure that’s what heaven is like: safe and with people you love.

I got to thinking that driving to the temple that day was kind of like life. If you know where you are going and you stay on that course (hold to the rod!) you won’t get lost in those mists of darkness. The goal is there ahead of us. We just have to endure things that may not be easy and may be scary, but keeping our eyes on the goal, we will get there.

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