So we did this…

A week or so ago Ani said she wanted to cut her hair. This was a big deal. She loved her long, long hair. She hadn’t had a haircut, other than a minor trim, in about 6 years, maybe longer. But she wanted to cut her hair and she thought donating it sounded like a good idea. My hair was also long. I hadn’t cut it in at least 4 years.


So we decided to go together and cut it off. Our ponytails are now on their way to Locks of Love. Once they started cutting, Ani wasn’t so sure about the idea. It was a huge change.



The short hair styles are nice and easy. Ani can’t believe how little brushing she needs to do. It saves her 5 minutes in the morning of just brushing. She was also pretty thrilled when it took her only 20 minutes to shower, wash her hair, and blow it dry. It used to take 2 hours for all that!


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