Pink Eye

Over the weekend Adrian’s eye was kind of goopy and runny and a little bit red. He was acting perfectly normal and only ran a very minor fever. But it seemed like something was really wrong. After much deliberation, I took him to the Minute Clinic (which, by the way, costs the same as an office visit at his pediatrician) and it turned out her had a sinus infection and pink eye.


A couple days on the eye drops and he was back at school with perfectly clear eyes. And then, yesterday, we get a call from the school. Fritz was in the clinic complaining that his eyes itched. They were red and a little goopy and runny. Pink eye. Of course. So eye drops for him, too, and already he’s looking better. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be able to go to school. It’s the last day before Christmas break and he definitely doesn’t want to miss his class holiday party!

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