Santa Came!


My kids don’t get much for Christmas, but they were all thrilled with what they got. Starting with Ani’s second Christmas, we’ve always given the kids three gifts. They get an ornament (that I cross stitch – you can see a bunch of them from years past hanging on the tree), a book, and something else.

This year Ani’s book was a few of her own poems. She picked out about 30 or so of them and then I put them together with clipart and made a little book for her. She was totally thrilled by it. Cameron always gets an audiobook. This year he got The Neverending Story. Fritz got Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare on his Kindle. Adrian got a level 1 reader, Cat Traps.

For the third gifts, we decided to give our kids experiences or memories that they can do with one or both parents. Ani got two tickets to see Wicked in March. Actually, it’s not just a Christmas gift. Because tickets are ridiculously expensive, it’s a combination Christmas/birthday present. Cameron will be going with Jamie to a gun range and learning to shoot (and then have a meal out at a restaurant of his choice). Fritz will be going ice skating and then have a meal of bread at a bakery. I’m not sure which part of that he was more excited about. Adrian will be going to the Children’s Museum (and then have a meal out at a restaurant of his choice).


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