Goals Achieved: Personal Progress Received

When Ani turned 12 she decided she wanted to complete the Personal Progress program by the time she completed her two years as a Beehive. Her plan was to then get the Honor Bee during her MIA Maid years and complete the Personal Progress program again during her Laurel years. In September they realigned some ward boundaries in our stake and created four wards out of three. Ani was close to done at that point (only parts of two big projects left) and so she made a secondary goal of being the first girl in our new ward to complete it.


On Sunday she achieved her second goal and the first third of her first goal. Years ago when I received my medallion, the bishop didn’t want to give it to me over the pulpit but my Young Women leader insisted. He said it was just some little thing the girls did, not a big deal (sad thing is his own daughters had received theirs years before I got mine). Shortly thereafter, he was educated in just what Personal Progress entails. I was thrilled to hear our bishop say, when giving the award to Ani, that achieving this takes a lot of work and is like a young man getting his Eagle Scout (because it really is).


Ani’s already trying to think of what she can do for the 40 hours of service required for the Honor Bee!

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