Lola is Good for Our Health

I’ve always heard that having a pet, and specifically a dog, is good for your health. I’ve pretty much always ignored that because the only dog I’ve ever had before Lola was a big, old mutt named Freckles when I was a kid. I loved her, but she died before I was teenager.


Now that we have Lola, I can totally see how owning a dog can be good for your health. One night I had a terrible, terrible stomachache. Lola climbed up beside me and I started petting her and the pain actually seemed to lessen. I don’t know if it was some actual physical thing or just because I was concentrating on methodically petting her, but, whatever, it helped.

Also, I tend to be on the go all the time. I get bored if I’m not doing something. I can’t even watch most TV shows without doing something else at the same time. Since having Lola I’ve noticed that I often will just sit and pet her for a few minutes, doing nothing else but relaxing and petting her. I am sure it’s good for me to have a little down time like that and Lola loves the attention, too.

We have had her for almost three months now. She is so sweet and usually a very good girl (especially now that we’ve all gotten used to never leaving clothes on the floor since she likes to chew on clothes a little too much). She makes us all happy. We are so glad we decided to adopt her.

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