Bulldog With Pride

Every 6 weeks the teachers at Cameron’s middle school pick four students per team (each team is 150+ students) to receive the Bulldog With Pride award. This 6 weeks, Cameron was one of the kids chosen. Yesterday we all went to his school for the awards ceremony. Each recipient got a t-shirt, a front of the line pass, a certificate, and a sticker for their parent’s car window. A little blurb was given about each student who was receiving the award. Cameron’s English teacher had written about their team’s winning kids in poetry form.


The kids who are chosen for the award represent their school in a positive way and embody the parts of the Bulldog Creed (which is printed on the t-shirts they were given):
Driven by determination
Motivated to reach the goal
Tenacious during competition
But always respectful
As our tradition of excellence continues
Success is our destiny, integrity above all

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