Blarney Castle

Today the boys are learning about the Blarney Stone and Blarney Castle, so here are some pictures I took when we went there on April 3rd.

The benches behind the castle are way cool.

You can go pretty much anywhere in the castle. They expect you to be smart and not fall out.


The little guys are dancing because isn’t that what you do in the Great Hall of a real 15th century castle?


At the end of that line you can be hung upside down and kiss the Blarney Stone (it’s perfectly safe nowadays since they put a grate there so if you fall you only fall a few inches onto your head). Fritz was the only one of us even remotely interested in kissing it, but he was too young (they recommend 8+). I’m sure they would’ve let him anyway because it was so quiet that day, but kissing it is really unhygienic. So we just looked at the Stone and moved on.

Going down was way scarier than climbing up because I could see where I was going.

Right next to the castle is the Poison Garden. Some of the plants are specially covered to keep people and animals out. Others are just out in the open. There’s a sign that says not to touch, eat, or smell anything in the garden because everything is truly poisonous (but many are also useful) in one way or another. It was interesting how many of the plants are mentioned in the Harry Potter books.

Fritz took the warnings very seriously. He didn’t want to die from walking through the garden.

There was a random small cave near the castle that we got to explore.

Adrian wanted me to take this picture. He is, apparently, the king of this cave.

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