Lapbooking aka Our Public Schools are Weird

In the public schools in our district, the kids do some lapbooking. They don’t do it in file folders, but in more of an interactive notebook form (which I’ve always preferred actually). When we pulled the little guys out, they both had several several books of various lapbooking bits. Cameron has a composition book full of lapbook pieces in his English class and he’s done lapbooking in other classes, too (they usually call them “foldables”). Even Ani, in high school, lapbooks. This picture is her doing some biology homework a few weeks ago.


Lapbooking is generally so thought of as a homeschooling thing. The first time we did a review with the county in Maryland, the reviewer (who had been a teacher and then a principal in the district for 40+ years) was so fascinated by our lapbooks. He had never heard of them but thought they were really neat. This is just another thing that makes our public schools unusual and truly fabulous!

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