Circle Time

Since the little guys attended public school for a semester, they are very used to starting the day with announcements and circle time. They wanted to keep doing that so when we start school (at about 8:30 – 50 minutes later than the elementary school starts) we go to the hall outside what will be my parents’ bedroom and do our circle time.


We start with the calendar. This has been a sneaky way to help Fritz learn the days of the week (Adrian somehow already knows them). Then we do the weather. The card that shows it is winter makes the boys laugh because most days we’re in the 70s and 80s. No snow for us. Then we do the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge, and the Camian Academy Sheep Pledge. Their school had a pledge and so Fritz requested we have one as well for our homeschool. He helped make it up (I pledge to do better and better every day. I love my mommy, my daddy, my sister, and my brothers.) Then we recite the first article of faith (once they’ve got that one memorized, we’ll continue through the rest). Then we sing the current song they’re learning in primary (I Will Follow God’s Plan is this month’s). Then we recite the scripture memory verses Fritz is working on in Discover the Book of Mormon. And then we say a prayer.

I named our school Camian Academy when we first started out homeschooling. It’s from CAMeron’s name and then I rearranged the letters in Ani’s name to make the first word sound nice. Of course Ani and Cameron are no longer homeschooled. There is ian in AdrIAN, but that leaves Fritz out completely. Neither of the little boys were born when I made up our school name. Colors and mascot are things the big kids never asked for since they were never in public school before being homeschooled. The boys picked blue and red to be our school colors. Blue is Fritz’s favorite color and red is Adrian’s. Fritz really wanted a mascot so I let him pick. He chose a sheep. I’m glad I didn’t let Adrian pick. If I had, we’d be the chickens.

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