Rainbow Cake!

Some time ago Ani begged us to buy her a very expensive (for cake mix at least – it was 3 bucks!) tie dye cake mix. Being the awesome parents we are, we got it for her. And then it sat in the cabinet for a couple months because Ani is usually ridiculously busy and never had time to make it. This week is Spring Break, so after she got home from taekwondo camp yesterday, she and Adrian made the cake together.



Adrian told Ani he wanted to “scramble” the eggs but first he had to “cut” them to get the insides out.


They divided the batter into 6 different bowls.


Then they (well, Ani) added specific numbers of drops of dye to the bowls of batter and then mixed them in. She added a few extra drops to the red one because it initially came out really pink.



Next Ani carefully poured about half of each color of batter into the cake pans in rainbow order. The result was beautiful round rainbows ready to be put in the oven.



About 20 minutes later the layers were baked. Interesting how different the two layers came out in the end!


Once cooled, they were ready to be iced. Cameron even got involved at this step (still wearing his taekwondo belt).


Ani got the honor of cutting the cake.


It made an excellent, delicious dessert! It may have been an expensive mix, but it was totally worth it for a special treat.


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