Pi Day 2014

We celebrate Pi Day (3/14) every year with pizza and pie for dinner. This year I discovered I signed up to feed the sister missionaries on Pi Day (just happened to be an open slot… it didn’t even occur to me when I signed up what day it was).

This year we made four pizzas. One cheese, one pepperoni (with the pepperoni making pi of course), and two Mediterranean (one with kalamata olives, one without).


For dessert Ani made a cherry pie and I made a chocolate cream pie.


Our celebration was made totally awesome because the sisters totally got it. In fact, one was in the MTC Pi Day last year and her parents sent her a pie to celebrate. She had memorized Pi to 314 places in high school just for fun. When it came time to share a spiritual thought, they tried Alma 3:14 and then Mosiah 3:14. Neither were especially obviously good for a spiritual thought, but they managed to totally tie them together and give a lovely Pi Day thought to leave us with!

3 thoughts on “Pi Day 2014

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