If you had told me 2 years ago…

…that we’d be doing taekwondo – and enjoying it – today, I’d’ve asked you what you were smoking. And I’d’ve been pretty sure it was something very, very strong.


We were couch potatoes. Cameron used to play outside, but as he got older, even he started preferring to sit on his butt all day long.


None of us liked sports. We didn’t like to exercise. I didn’t even like to sweat! Ever.


Then – and who knows what we were thinking – we signed up for taekwondo. For four months 5 of us took classes twice a week and now Ani does as well.


It’s not just taekwondo either. Four of us do kickboxing, too (0-3 times a week depending on our schedules).


And the crazy part? We love it! We absolutely love it! It feels good. It’s fun to do together as a family. It’s totally awesome!

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