Curriculum Changes for Next Year

The biggest change will be adding a third child back home. Cameron has pretty much decided he’ll be doing K12 virtual academy next year. In fact, today, I digitally signed the last document needed to reserve his seat for 2014-15 if he decides that is definitely what he wants to do.

For the little guys, mostly we’ll be sticking with what we’ve been using since we pulled them out. At that time, we went with a combination of what we had used before and liked and what we had in the house already. So of course there are a few changes.

Fritz won’t be doing Shurley anymore. Instead, he’s going to do IEW Student Writing Intensive A. The Shurley writing is okay at first, but it gets dreadful fast (we’re about there). I like the grammar part of Shurley a lot, but IEW updates their Fix-It series and it is much, much better than it used to be so Fritz will be doing that for grammar next year.

We’ve been doing the Download N Go’s for science and social studies. The kids like them fine, but there are things I don’t like about them (like how they sometimes really stretch so they can be considered “Christian”).

Since Cameron will be doing Texas history (usually done in 4th and 7th here and he’ll be a 7th grader), we decided that we will (probably) have the boys do TX history, too. We haven’t decided how or what we’ll use and if that’ll be all they do for social studies.

Ani will be taking Chemistry in high school (10th grade). It’s been fun this year with the boys’ religion class being Book of Mormon and Ani’s seminary class doing Book of Mormon. They’ve had some cute discussions since they’ve learned the same stories (and we’ll continue aligning our religion class with seminary – the boys will be doing Hands-on Church History/Doctrine and Covenant/Discover the Latter-day Prophets next year). So we’ve decided that science will be REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry. Adrian’s a little young for it, but we figure that’s fine since we’re really aiming at Fritz at this point.

Otherwise, mostly it’ll just be little tweaky changes. Most of what we use is going great and everyone knows the old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (something I will, hopefully, remember in February).

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Changes for Next Year

  1. I would be interested in your views of K12 curriculum, since you have used Calvert with Cameron in the past. As long time Calvert users, we are considering a second go at 6th grade using a different curriculum instead of moving on to 7th.

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