Cardboard Creations

Cameron has always been a bit creative and has always loved taking trash and making it into something else. One year for Christmas all he wanted was junk. We literally gathered bits of interesting trash from lots of people, put it all in a nice box, and stuck it under the tree. He was in heaven. He spent countless hours a few years ago creating things with Legos. He used youtube for ideas, but created his own things, too, like working little pinball machines. Another time, he got really into origami. He couldn’t really understand the directions in books, but could make pretty much anything a youtuber demonstrated. He rediscovered origami a few weeks ago. And now he’s moved on to making things – even useful things – with cardboard and duct tape.

It started because he wanted a bedside table. He got a box, a roll of duct tape (that I didn’t even know we had), scissors, and a knife and disappeared into his room. A couple hours later he came out with his bedside table. The inside is amazing with crisscrossing interlocking bits of cardboard. He knew without structure it wouldn’t last. He built this thing to last!

Then he made a hat. He wanted a beret, but cardboard and duct tape don’t really lend themselves to making a beret apparently, so this is what he ended up with. The little guys really love the hat and we had to put our foot down about not wearing it church.

And then there is the shelf to display his little things. The pieces that separate the cells are strong enough to stand on.

He asked his dad to please find more boxes at work to bring home. Cameron has grand plans for making a chair that he can actually sit on.

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