Summer Reading

The other day I signed most of us up for the Summer Reading thing at the library. I didn’t sign Ani up because she’ll be out of town when they have their wrap-up party. Plus, as far as I could tell, the teen program didn’t involve actually reading. That was kind of weird.

The three boys will get a prize of a certificate – signed by the mayor! – and a book. Cameron and Fritz have to read 8 books each and Adrian has to listen to 15 over the course of 3 months. So far he’s listened to 2. Both of those were chapter books that took me about an hour to read to him (and Fritz).

For Jamie and me, we have to read or listen to 4 – 4! – books by August 31st. Four books. That’s it. I’ve already finished one book since June 1st. I’m almost done with two more. Jamie’s listened to three in the last week and a half. I’ve read 40-some books so far this year. I can’t imagine reading only 1 1/3 books a month.

Jamie and I will be entered into a drawing for an ereader after completing the challenge. That would be useful. Somehow my Kindle got a crack in the plastic shell. So far it hasn’t caused any problems for the eink screen, but one day it might. Plus having extra ereaders laying around is always a good thing, at least in a house that reads/listens to audiobooks as much as we do!

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