Summer Crafting Fun

In an effort to break up our summer days and make them a little more fun, I’ve started giving the boys craft items some afternoons to play and create with.

I bought these velvet pictures and markers sets a couple years ago on clearance at the Target Dollar Spot. Adrian actually liked coloring for once!

I love pipe cleaners. Shiny pipe cleaners are even better. Fritz decided to make the biggest ring ever. Adrian made them into letters.

Adrian is also going through 5 sight words a day and occasionally reading a little book to me. Fritz is finishing the last two books of the Life of Fred Language Arts series one chapter a day. Most days I read a chapter book to the little guys. Right now we’re working our way through the Beast Quest series. Twice a week we have taekwondo. Mostly, though, we’re just lazy in the summer, just how summer break should be.

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