Indexing Challenge

Our ward is doing an indexing challenge this month. It’s adults vs. youth to see which group earns more indexing points. I’ve been averaging a couple hundred names a day so when I reported my points this morning for the first time, it was over 11,000. I take challenges a bit seriously.

Since Ani is a youth family history consultant, they asked her to make a poster to track the points earned. The high priest group leader had some basic ideas, but left the design up to her. So Ani designed it and Jamie and I put it together. I think it turned out pretty cute!


The cars are actual matchbox cars from the boys’ big box of them. They are on a velcro track so they can be moved as more points are reported (and hopefully they won’t go missing over the summer!). We didn’t write the point amounts on the tracks because until some numbers start coming in we don’t really know how many we may end up with by the end of August.

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