Love at Home Family Home Evening

I really like LDS Splash for family home evening ideas. They have a lot of quick, easy lessons that work well for all my kids. This week we did one on love at home.

Cameron cut out the printables and set up the words, grass, and stem of the flower on the wall. The little guys really liked ripping up the hearts that did not belong on the flower and they all liked putting the ones that did belong on the wall to make the flower. There were 12 hearts so we each got to choose two.

We really need a color printer!

After we finished, Ani and Cameron decided we needed better snacks than the mini candy bars we always have after our nightly scripture reading. Cameron made pistachio pudding and Ani and the little boys made Rice Krispies treats. They decided to dye the melted marshmallow orange and then Ani got creative and wrote “Love at Home” on them using green food coloring.

The only thing we didn’t do was sing the annoying part of Love at Home. We did sing the rest of it.

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