Educational Table

A long time ago I saw the idea on a blog somewhere to make a changeable educational table. I filed it away in the back of my mind to use someday. I finally got around to doing it last week.


We have a really big table (seats 8) so we had lots of space available to fill. I got a tablecloth that matches the walls in the dining room for the bottom and a hemmed plastic table cover about the same size as the tablecloth for the top.


On one end is a world map. It fit the end of the table perfectly.


In the middle are two periodic tables (since we’re doing chemistry this year) facing opposite directions so whichever side of the table you are on you can read them. We’re still waiting for them to finish uncurling since they came rolled up.


On the other end is a US map. I searched for one the size of the world map, but couldn’t find one the same size. This was the best I could find without being too wide.

Already we’ve had conversations sparked by what’s on the maps and periodic tables. I figure we can change what is under the plastic (at least in the middle – the maps may just stay forever) depending on what we are learning in school.

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