School Books by Me

Two projects I’ve worked on this summer have been books for Cameron and Fritz for language arts this year. I had them printed using Lulu.

First I did Fritz’s Dictionary. I read the seven books Fritz will be reading this year. As I read them, I came up with comprehension and discussion questions and also wrote down all the (many, many, many) vocabulary words I want him to look up. I came up with a vocabulary program for him using those words.

He will look up the assigned words in his dictionary before he does the assigned reading each day. I made the dictionary with those specific words because then I could have the exact information I wanted him to learn in there. Each definition has the part of speech and definition (as used in the book he’s reading) and also the language of origin. He will write down the part of speech and then write a sentence that shows that he clearly understands the definition. I decided to skip copying the definition because he’ll be doing copywork through Writing With Ease, plus some of the days have quite a few words to look up. He will also make a tally mark for the language of origin. At the end of the year, he’ll use that information to make a bar graph showing the language of origin frequency for all his words (#1 will be Latin and #2 will be French).


Additionally, I made him some 3-part Montessori cards for most of his vocabulary words. He’ll be matching the original word with its language and what the original word meant with the current vocabulary word(s). I want him to see a little bit how words evolve.

For Cameron, I made Cameron’s English Book. I found a free font called OpenDyslexic that is supposed to make it easier for dyslexics to read. I used it throughout his book. We’ll see if it helps.

The first section of his book is 25 2-3 page author biographies that I wrote. The authors range from the early 1600s to the mid 1800s (we’re doing Renaissance to Early Modern this year). Each one is just basic information such as when they were born and died, major works, and anything interesting that happened during their life. He’ll be reading novels and poems by some of the authors. The rest of the book is some of the out of copyright poems and fairy tales he’ll read during the year.


I made 3-part Montessori cards for Cameron as well. His are Latin and Greek roots. He’ll be matching roots and the language they are from with what the root means. He’ll be keeping a list of words that use each root he studies. Fritz may work through some of the roots matching cards as well.

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