Scripture Mastery Clothesline

Every year in seminary, there are 25 scripture mastery verses the kids are encouraged to memorize. This year, the boys are going to try to memorize those scriptures along with their older sister. I decided we needed a way to keep track of who has memorized what and came up with our scripture mastery clothesline now hanging on the dining room (aka place where all the school stuff is) wall.


I googled and found an outline of a t-shirt. Then I opened it in PhotoShop Elements and added a list of the kids names and added squares next to their names check off when they have the passage memorized. I made 25 t-shirts, each with a different scripture mastery verse written at the top.


I printed them out, cut them out, and used little alligator clips to attach the t-shirts to string like they are hanging on a clothesline.

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