What I am Thankful For

We’re on a week long Thanksgiving break right now. Homeschooling, breaks are pretty low key. Basically, the real difference is just that we’re not doing school. We spend time as a family and do non-school-related things every day anyway.

It is so much nicer than when the kids were in public school. Thanksgiving break was the first real break they got last school year (5 days of school every week from the last week of August until Thanksgiving aside from days off for Labor Day and Columbus Day). After school was consumed by homework and other school things.

By the end of November, I had come to pretty much live for weekends when the kids would be home. The week of Thanksgiving was so incredibly nice (although both big kids still had school intrude with homework). We finally had several days straight where we could be a family.

I look back on how much public school took over our lives last year and this Thanksgiving the #1 thing I am grateful for is to be homeschooling again. This year I am not feeling the need to fit months of family life into one week. It’s fabulous.

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