Eating Nitrogen (aka meringues)

Our science experiment on Friday was to eat nitrogen. To do this, we made meringues. Since meringues are mostly air and air is mostly nitrogen, we were eating nitrogen.


First we whipped 3 egg whites in the KitchenAid until it formed soft peaks. Then we added 3/4 cup confectioner’s sugar.


Then we whipped some more until it formed hard peaks.


It was pretty amazing how much meringue could be made from 3 little egg whites.


We baked them at 225* for a really, really long time. We started with an hour and then checked them every 10 minutes after that until they were getting hard. We let them cool for about 10 minutes. I cut one in half so the kids could see the pockets of air/nitrogen.


Cameron liked the meringues so much that he’s made them several more times himself. He even started experimenting with flavor and color (two drops of peppermint and red food coloring makes nicely Christmasy meringues).


It’s always fun when a science experiment ends up so nice and tasty!

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