A Week of Gluten Free Food

We were joking around calling Ani Gluten Free Girl so of course she drew herself as a super hero.

On Friday, lunch was gluten free crepes with turkey bacon and nutella (not necessarily at the same time), blackberries and strawberries, and meringues that Cameron decided would be fun to make bright blue. Dinner was baked potato bar (toppings: butter, sour cream, grated cheddar, red onions, and green peppers).

On Saturday, for lunch we had poblano peppers stuffed with rice, bacon, shrimp, cheese, and onions. For dinner we had Indian butter chicken and gluten free naan. Ani made gluten free peanut butter truffle brownies for dessert.

Sunday was Fast Sunday so we didn’t eat breakfast. We usually eat a big dinner made in the crockpot in the middle of the day on Sundays and then have a snack like popcorn if people are hungry in the evening. Dinner Sunday was butternut squash and chickpea coconut curry.

On Monday, breakfast was flourless peanut butter chocolate chip blender muffins. For lunch we had avocado and hummus quesadillas using homemade hummus and soft paleo tortillas, nectarines, and leftover mini muffins from breakfast. For dinner we had two types of pizza. One crust was from a gluten free Hodgson Mills mix. The other was a cauliflower crust.

Tuesday we had baked sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar for lunch. For dinner, we had shrimp, avocado, and roasted corn salad.

On Wednesday, breakfast was baked oatmeal bars. I liked it, but none of the kids were fans. Given the amount of time it took to make, that’s not something we’ll be having again. For lunch, I took all our little containers of leftovers out of the refrigerator and we ate whatever looked good. Dinner was steak, poblano, and mushroom tacos using Udi’s gluten free tortillas. For dessert we had So Delicious coconut milk chocolate almond ice cream bars.

Thursday, we had grilled zucchini hummus wraps in the Udi’s tortillas for lunch. We had planned a dinner that was in our freezer that had gluten in it (made before Ani was diagnosed), so we got Ani an Amy’s gluten free frozen meal.

Eating gluten free is turning out to not be nearly as hard as I thought it would be. We have to be a little more creative, but the food is tastier than what we were eating before. Best of all, our Gluten Free Girl is feeling so much healthier. That makes it totally and completely worth it!

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