Utah Randomness

1. When you come upon a big open space while walking around an airport, it simply begs for you to use it as a place to do your form and some kicks.

2. Waking up at 5:30 almost every morning to walk nearly 3 miles in the freezing cold is a bit insane, but also means you will come home a pound lighter than when you left.

3. Climbing 4 1/2 feet up a wall does not mean you almost died even if it feels like you did. Climbing is hard. My best friend is amazing to watch climb. I’m pretty sure she’s SpiderWoman. (Ani made it up significantly farther than the 4 1/2 feet I did.)

4. I did not need to worry about feeding Ani in the airport or in Utah. Many restaurants are glad to accommodate someone who needs to be gluten free and/or have gluten free options right on their menu.

5. Seeing the Salt Lake Temple up close for the first time is rather anti-climactic. Even though I know it is huge, it looks so small stuck in the middle of downtown with skyscrapers surrounding it.

6. At night and from the right angle, the Salt Lake Temple is absolutely gorgeous and amazing, however.

7. I like the Christus in the DC Temple’s Visitor’s Center better than the one in Salt Lake. The DC one has a hint of a smile while the Salt Lake one looks like he is a bit mad. Getting to the one in Salt Lake is way cooler, though.

8. The acoustics in the Tabernacle are fabulous.

9. Taking a tour of the Conference Center is absolutely worth it. Just being in the auditorium, where so many general authorities sit at least twice a year, is incredible. Plus the view from the roof can’t be beat.

10. Witnessing a 9 year old be touched by the Spirit of Elijah while at the Family History Library is very cool.

11. The Logan Temple looks like a castle.

12. I have trouble filling my lungs at 4300 feet.

13. The people across from the Bountiful Temple who have a TARDIS in their driveway are, clearly, awesome.

14. Seeing old friends (my young women president when I was a Laurel and her daughters who are close to my age) makes me happy. Meeting old friends in person for the first time (I’ve known them on-line for about a decade) is so much fun.

15. Temple hunting is a most excellent pastime. I have now gone from going inside of two temples (DC and San Antonio) and seeing one from very, very far away (Salt Lake) to going inside of three temples (added Logan), seeing one from far away (Ogden), seeing one from the not so far away road (Brigham City), touching two (Salt Lake and Oquirrh Mountain), and seeing three more up close (Bountiful, Jordan River, and Draper).

16. I never dreamed I’d go to Utah in February and not take my winter coat.

17. Even when you’re only able to get together every 2 1/2 to 3 years, it’s so nice to have such a wonderful best friend.

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