I did it!

I utterly failed once at making gluten free tortillas. The second time I tried soft paleo tortillas and, though I made them too thick, they tasted very good. Today I made Gluten Free on a Shoestring’s tortillas. I followed the instructions exactly including using Better Batter flour (I wanted to give myself every possible chance to be successful this time around.


I used the bottom of a mixing bowl as a template for making them circular. I ended up with 16 tortillas about 4″ in diameter. A bit small, but they worked just fine. And they tasted good! I used them to make avocado hummus quesadillas much to Ani’s delight (that was one her favorite lunches pre-gluten free).


Cameron said they were really good. That’s truly high praise since Cameron thinks very few things I make are really good. I’ll call this one a complete win!

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