Ninja Cookies

For Christmas, my friend gave me a set of ninja cookie cutters. As soon as we saw them we knew we’d have to use them to make cookies for a belt graduation at taekwondo.

We made two batches of gluten free sugar cookies using a recipe I found on Momables (and by “we” I mean I told Cameron what the ingredients and measurements were and he mixed up the dough). We used Namaste gluten free flour from Costco.

While Jamie and the big kids were at taekwondo, I rolled out the dough and baked the cookies. We ended up with 54 cookies! When they got home, Ani and Cameron decorated all our little ninja people.


I was nervous both because it’s been years since I’ve made cut out cookies and because it was my first time making gluten free cookies. I needn’t have worried. They turned out adorable AND they tasted delicious. In fact, just today someone told me she tried one and was pleasantly surprised how good it was because all gluten free cookies she’s had before have been dry and crunchy. She said these were nice and soft and moist and she thought even better than “regular” cookies. So that was pretty awesome.

The kids made 6 specific cookies into our family. Three of them usually wear their black leadership uniforms to class so they spread chocolate frosting on those. They put the correct color belts on each of us and Ani even put on the yellow leadership stripe on the ones she did and the regular black stripe on Adrian’s like is on his belt (when he eventually tests again and moves up a belt, he’ll get a leadership belt like the rest of us).


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