Life of Fred Reading

I recently learned that Life of Fred now has beginning readers. And, since I have a Fred addiction (and a child who is learning to read), I ordered the first set.


Adrian can read, but is not confident in his reading. He wants to be like the rest of us and just read words rather than have to sound them out. Because of this, he has been really resistant to reading books. When the set arrived, he looked over the first book and then happily read it cover to cover. He only needed to sound out one word (shout) and to be told what one other word was (Kingie). He was so very proud that he had read a whole book.


The stories are silly, but cute. Very Fred. I’ll definitely be getting the second and third set when they come out next month!

3 thoughts on “Life of Fred Reading

  1. We have Life of Fred Apple’s but quickly shelved it because it was beyond what our little could do. Good to know they came out with beginning books.

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