Ultimate Pi Day

Our family has celebrated Pi Day every March 14th for several years (2010, 2011, 2014). This year, since 3/14/15 only happens once a century AND it was on Saturday, we had an Ultimate Pi Day party!

Preparations started on Friday. I made 10 gluten free pizza crusts.

And two wheatless cheesecakes with pecan/almond crusts.

Five regular gluten free graham cracker crusts and six mini ones. I had to text my mom to ask how to make those!

And two regular gluten free pie crusts (those became apple pies the next day). I had never made a pie crust before, but I followed the instructions and they turned out good.

Looking at all my pie crusts I was really struck by the fact that I have 9 pie tins and a 6 minis tin. I’m not sure why because I almost never actually make pie!

I ended the day by making 4 batches of gluten free cookie dough to put in the refrigerator. The next morning Jamie and I rolled out the dough used our little pi cookie cutter to make pi cookies.

I took some of the leftover pi cookies with me to church and gave them to my Beehives. They loved them!

I mixed up the pudding to go in the graham cracker crusts. I made two chocolate, one vanilla, one coconut cream, and one pistachio. The minis got a mixture of vanilla and chocolate pudding.

We topped the pizzas, using the pepperoni in creative ways (in addition to the Greek letter and 3.14, we had pepperoni making a radius on one pizza and a diameter on another). We finished baking them just before the party so they’d still be hot for our guests.

Ani and Cameron arranged the 255 (yes, 255!) cookies on Fritz’s computer table. We put out cookie decorating supplies for kids (or adults) to have fun with their cookies.

The dining room table was covered with awesomeness. And, yes, everything I made (and the three things my friend brought) were gluten free. I had several people comment how surprised they were that my gluten free foods tasted good and/or like their “regular” counterparts. (Side note: I got Sprite and Root Beer to drink. San Antonians sure do like Root Beer. I shouldn’t be surprised that that was the preferred drink. Pretty much every restaurant here offers Root Beer. I most definitely approve!)

I got Ultimate Pi Day shirts for the 6 of us. I couldn’t resist.

We put up some nerdy decorations.

We made a pin the radius on the circle game. There are many places you could get it in a right spot. It’s much harder than it looks!

To round out the amazing nerdiness of Ultimate Pi Day, I drew a Venn Diagram listing the almost 50 guests (in family groups). Everyone fell into one or more category of Mormon, homeschoolers, or taekwondo. Our family and one other fit into all three categories.

So that is what we did yesterday afternoon. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

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