Shoe Wall

We’ve been keeping our shoes in a pile in the garage. It worked well enough. We always go through the garage when we leave so we’d put on or take off our shoes on our way out or in, but it was messy and wasn’t quite working for me.

A few months ago I saw an idea on Pinterest (but didn’t pin it so I don’t know where it was from) that said to use knobs attached to the walls to hang shoes on. After playing with a few things to determine what would work best and changing where I wanted to hang the shoes from the garage to the hallway inside the house that leads to the garage, I finally have my shoe wall.


I discovered that Command Hooks work the best. I stuck 32 of them on the wall in 4 rows of 4 pairs. That led to the discovery that Ani has a whole lot of shoes (in fact, we need another row to accommodate all of them!).


The wall of command hooks is working great. Most of them are the kind that can hold 3 pounds (medium hooks). Three pairs are the large hooks that can hold 5 pounds each (for two pairs of Jamie’s shoes and one pair of mine).


It’s really nice having the shoes organized in pairs and in a convenient yet out of the way and totally hidden location. Definitely a Pinterest win!

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