We all competed in the semi-annual intra-school tournament weekend before last. Unfortunately, teens and adults compete at the same time so I only have pictures of the little guys and the demo team. We had to be at the hotel by 7:30 in the morning because Ani and Cameron got to help at the tournament in addition to competing.

Adrian loves to do a forward roll into a stomp kick board break.

There is nothing cuter than 6 year olds sparring.

Adrian is still in the age/height category where they don’t keep score and just randomly give out medals. He was quite proud of his 6 medals.

Fritz competed in all 7 events.

He absolutely loves to spar and always has the biggest grin while he does it. He came in second in sparring.

Fritz won stick sparring. He said that was his favorite part of the day.

He ended up with 1 first, 4 seconds, 1 third, and a participant. He was so happy since 6 months ago he didn’t place in either of the events he entered.

Ani and Cameron were both on the Demo Team. Usually our school’s team gets last place, but this time they got 2nd (and by only 1 point!). They did such a great job!

I have no idea exactly what places the rest of us got and in what events, but we came home with a combined total of 40 medals. Ani, Cameron, and I (and Fritz) got 7 each and Jamie (and Adrian) got 6. Jamie was entered in all 7 events, but he had to scratch from sparring after he got a bad cut on his finger holding (real) boards for someone.

I really like our intra-school tournaments. They are really low pressure and a lot of fun. Everyone roots for each other. Ani and Cameron have both expressed an interest in competing in regional tournaments. I think that could be a very different, but still quite interesting and fun, experience.

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