Maybe it’s a Texan homeschooler thing

Last year, every time I picked Ani up from seminary, it kind of became a joke to check the feet of two particular boys. Almost every day, even when it was cold, they were barefoot. Ani commented about that to one of them. He said it was because he used to be homeschooled. She said she was, too, but she still wore shoes and she never knew homeschoolers in Maryland or Virginia who preferred to go shoeless. We later learned the other boy is also homeschooled.

Fast forward a little more than a year. My homeschooled kids only wear shoes now when they absolutely have to. We don’t wear shoes while doing taekwondo, so if we’re going there, none of them put on shoes (most kids wear shoes to the school and then take them off). If they can get away with no shoes, they go barefoot.


So I started thinking about it. We’ve noticed other homeschooled kids around here going barefoot in places you don’t expect. Maybe it’s a Texan homeschooler thing. Even when it’s cold here, it’s not horribly cold, and generally the cold only lasts a few days at a time. Plus, the Texan attitude in general is more laid back and lack of shoes doesn’t seem to bother people so much. Whatever it is, my kids definitely have gotten to the preferring nothing on the feet point!

One thought on “Maybe it’s a Texan homeschooler thing

  1. My kids put their shoes on… And then they come right off! I have cleaned the backyard to find 20 pairs of shoes (yes 2 of then were mine) lol! At least once a week, we arrive at our destination to find someone shoeless! The most recent was when we arrived at church for choir and my daughter was not only bare feet but muddy/dirty bare feet!! Her teacher was kind and said Jesus was probably barefooted too!

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