Mr. Chat and XMA

Mr. Chat (blue Power Ranger from Lightspeed Rescue) was in town this weekend. The big kids took advantage of that and ended up training with him for over 5 hours over the course of two days.


Mr. Chat founded XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts). XMA is a kind of combination of martial arts and gymnastics. It’s fun to watch flips and tricks combined with martial arts moves.


To prepare for Mr. Chat’s arrival, Ani and Cameron took two one-hour XMA lessons from our regular instructor, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. They made a whole lot of progress in those two hours.


Cameron was able to work up to 5 one-handed cartwheels in a row and Ani improved her regular cartwheel and was able to land one-handed cartwheels for the first time.


On Friday, the had a private lesson with Mr. Chat. It lasted almost two hours. You would think they’d be exhausted at the end of that, but Ani especially was in heaven. They made even more progress under Mr. Chat’s direction. He gave them some combinations for competition and to continue to work on on their own.


He also encouraged the to try other weapons. Ani has been sticking with nunchucks and Cameron with kamas. Ani tried double bo staff and felt pretty powerful wielding those. Cameron still loves the kamas, though he’s testing out the double sword. Ani is thinking she may want to switch to those staffs.


On Saturday, they joined 38 other kids for some VIP training with Mr. Chat (17 of the 40 were from our taekwondo school!). This one lasted 3 1/2 hours. You would think that would wear them out, but no. When we arrived to pick them up Ani had the biggest smile on her face. They did combinations and flips. They even got to jump on a mini tramp and flip in the air onto a crash pad. Cameron got it figured out and flipped perfectly one time.


It was a lot of hours of taekwondo/XMA over a few days, but the kids loved it. They were sore on Sunday, but in a good way. These lessons are definitely something they want to repeat in the future and keep improving their skills!

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