Gluten Free Muffin Success

My friend recently gave me a gluten free baking cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. Normally on Fridays I buy some frozen gluten free blueberry muffins for breakfast. They are yummy. They are also very expensive ($4.50 for 4). Today I tried out the blueberry muffin recipe from the cookbook.

First I made gluten free flour blend according to the directions in the cookbook. They give instructions using King Arthur and Bob’s Red Mill flours as well but recommend making the blend using their instructions for best results. I wanted best results so I made the blend (and now I have several cups of it in my refrigerator waiting to be used in the future).

I followed the directions exactly. I even used my nice digital scale and weighed the ingredients that gave both cup measure and weight measure.

Fresh blueberries got folded in at the end of mixing. At this point the batter tasted like muffin mix, but was grainy. For the next 30 minutes the batter rested, mainly to allow the grains (mostly rice) to hydrate properly.

Ready to go in the oven. I even topped them with turbinado sugar like it said to. The frozen muffins I normally buy have sugar on the tops, too.

Fresh out of the oven, the muffins were slightly torturing us. They needed 20 minutes to cool. And they smelled really good.

The muffins came out of the muffin tin nicely. Only one broke. I sampled the bit that fell off. I was pretty sure I have a success at that point, but we still had 10 more minutes in the cooling process to go.

So delicious and no graininess at all. Perfect with butter on them, but good plain, too (the ones I get from the store absolutely need butter). Cameron ate 5 1/2 of the dozen muffins. He thinks they were even better than the ones I buy. He is suspicious of anything gluten free, so that’s a real success.

I’ll definitely be making these again. Even with buying the blueberries, the total cost was about $2.25 (the majority of that for the blueberries). That’s a huge savings over the muffins I regularly buy.

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