School’s Out! Scream and Shout!


I had planned for our last day of school to be next Wednesday, but then earlier this week Fritz got some major motivation and finished most of what he had left for the year. So I decided to move some stuff up and we finished yesterday. School year 2014-15 is officially over!


This year went very well and while I am really, really happy to be off for the summer, I’m looking forward to next fall. I’ve already gotten almost everything we’ll need for the next school year and we’ll have some really fun stuff.


This year we had a lot of trouble finding the right math. Math-U-See seems to be a hit. The kids like watching the video and then doing the work. They are understanding math and enjoying it (as much as math can be enjoyable that is). The things I chose for English (Peace Hill Press: Writing With Ease, Writing With Skill, First Language Lessons) worked especially well and I’m looking forward to using the next levels of each with the boys next year.


We learned a whole lot about chemistry this year (REAL Science Odyssey) and the early modern period (History Odyssey). We learned about the orchestra and some composers and some artists. We’ll study more composers and artists next year and move on to physics and the modern period. It was truly a good year! (Ani has been sick and didn’t want me to take her end of the year picture until she’s feeling better.)

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