Lesson Planning

I am one of the very weird homeschoolers who plans lessons a year ahead of time. On occasion I have to rearrange things, but I plan enough 4 day weeks to make that easy and possible.

I divide the year into four 9-week sections starting the day after the local schools start and going for 36 weeks with a week off at Thanksgiving, two weeks off at Christmas, and a week off in March for Spring Break. We basically follow the public school schedule for our district. We take off all federal holidays (since Jamie is off those days). We end up finishing school for the year about a week before the public schools.

I initially make my lesson plans in Word using tables. Then I copy a quarter’s worth at a time into my bullet journal.

Every day when I write out my daily to do page for the next day in my bullet journal, I write in the things the boys will be doing together and then the things Adrian will be doing (marked with Ad). Next school year, only their together work will be in my bullet journal and Adrian will get his own notebook like his big brothers have.

The older two boys have spiral notebooks for their daily assignments. The stars indicate things they can do on their own. I write their schedule so they know what they will have to do that do. At the bottom is their to do lists. Fritz requested that I put pray and brush teeth on his in addition to his morning chore. I add things they are learning (such as Fritz learning to tie shoes) and things they don’t do as a regular chore but needs to get done (like straightening rooms or mowing the lawn).

I work best when I am very organized and that definitely applies to school, too. The notebook method is extra useful when I have to go somewhere, like visit teaching or taking one of the kids to the orthodontist. The boys left behind can complete their starred assignments without me around and have them waiting for me to check when I get home.

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