More Gluten Free Baking

Ani loves to bake so being diagnosed with Celiac Disease was doubly hard for her. But then my friend gave us America’s Test Kitchen Gluten Free Baking. Everything we’ve made has been so good and Ani is so happy to be able to bake again.

I usually make a double batch of their flour blend (it contains white rice flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, and dry milk powder). That equals about 5 pounds of flour and fits perfectly in my large kitchen storage container.

Chocolate chip cookies – Ani made these with half mini semi-sweet chips and half regular size milk chocolate chips.

Shortbread – Ani forgot to turn the temperature down for baking so it was a bit crumbly, but it still melted in our mouths and tasted great.

Peanut butter cookies – Ani’s made these twice and they are incredible both times. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite!

Pizza – I’ve made the pizza three times now. The crust is a perfect mix of crunchy and chewy.

Chocolate chip muffins – I used the blueberry muffin recipe to make these. I think they’d be much better with milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet chips. I want to try them using strawberries cut up in little pieces and also try apple bits with extra cinnamon.

Bread – The bread is what makes me the happiest. I don’t like most pre-made gluten free breads. They have a slimy feel to me and they are also super expensive. This bread, while slightly pink (due to the psyllium husk) which takes a bit to get used to, tastes like bread made from regular flour. It works to just eat, as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and makes nice grilled cheese, too.

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