Musical Synesthesia

Ani has synesthesia. Letters have colors. Music has designs. Numbers have complete personalities. The number thing makes math hard for her because various numbers hate each other, are in relationships with each other, or a jealous of each other. The letter thing makes some names very ugly to her visually and other names beautiful. The music thing, though, can produce art. Classical music produces the strongest pictures in her brain.

The other night I played four pieces of music for her and had her draw what she saw in her mind. She said her drawings aren’t perfect. We need more pastel colored pencils for example. One picture she said wasn’t quite right because one color was completely surrounded by another and she couldn’t draw it two-dimensionally. But, as far as she could reproduce with the pencils we have, these are what the pieces look like to her.

Brahm’s Lullaby (her favorite of the four because it wasn’t as messy as the others)

1812 Overture (she said this one was weird because the colors were combined)

Bolero (she got the sense of walking around a pond in circles with this one in addition to the colors)

Fanfare for the Common Man (her least favorite; she felt it was ugly except for the unexpected purple bit in the corner)

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