The Classroom is Ready!

I spent a couple hours this morning finishing getting the dining room ready for school to start on Tuesday.

The tall bookcase holds the kids’ binders and folders, some books and things, our awesome pencil sharpener, library books for the first three weeks, and the Math-U-See blocks and algebra/decimal inserts. (My sister made the welcome sign hanging on the wall several years ago. The little picture thing at the top changes each month.)

The long bookcase holds some childrens books, our Life of Fred collection, some random school books, and all of Ani’s books for the year. On top are the kids’ books and notebooks in magazine holders (pink flowers for Ani, orange for Cameron, blue for Fritz, and red for Adrian). They have matching pencil holders. The red and blue flats on top hold my answer keys. (Ani likes to use the whiteboard to help her memorize everything related to our current cycle’s taekwondo life skill.)

The three drawer shelf holds various school supplies, art supplies, and the science bags. On top are my binders.

On one wall are the New American Cursive alphabet sheets for the boys to look as when the need to remember how to form letters.

Across the hall on the wall of the craft room is the timeline ready for the boys to write in dates and facts as they get to them (we’re doing modern history, 1850-present this year).

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