NOT Back to School!

The kids in our ISD went back to school today so we had our annual NOT Back to School celebration. Adrian proclaimed it “the best day ever!” (I love that since a few years ago Ani declared NOT Back to School Day 2010 her best day ever, which was really the start of our super fun, rather than just a day off from school, NOT Back to School days.)

The day started out like every other Monday – with gluten free chocolate chip muffins. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t make these one Monday I’d have a mutiny on my hands.

Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer came on the radio while we were driving. It’s one of the two songs (the other is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift) we turn way up and sing and dance to every time it comes on.

We went to Thin Air, a trampoline park. The kids were so excited that I actually jumped this time.



They have really cool obstacle courses.

I even tried one. I could only make it to the third one.

Ani can make it all the way across easily.

Find the Cameron.

Flying Side Kick!

It’s incredibly hard to get out of the foam pits!

Cameron can climb all the way the wall.

Proof that I actually jumped!

The trapeze is really cool.


Flips are way more fun on trampolines.

I had Ani and Cameron do the first half of In Wha 1 (our current form in taekwondo) while jumping. I tried it. It’s super hard.

An hour of jumping seriously wears you out!

When our hour was up, we went to Mellow Mushroom for some awesome pizza.

The little guys (they aren’t so little anymore!) got macaroni and cheese. Fritz got broccoli with his and Adrian got apple slices.

Ani got Kosmic Karma and I got White Pizza. They are gluten free and so good. Mellow Mushroom does everything in their power to prevent cross contamination which makes having Celiac suck a little less (thanks, Mellow Mushroom!).

Everyone else got a Mighty Meaty pizza. It got devoured really fast.

After we ate, we dropped Ani off to help at taekwondo (our festivities got a little out of hand and she barely got there in time) and then ran to the library to get the last two books I had reserved for the first three weeks of school. Jamie took the little guys to the playground at the library while I ran inside. They didn’t argue at all about getting back in the van when I got done. It was hot (close to 100).

So now we have played and partied. Tomorrow it’ll be time to hit the books for the start of what is sure to be another awesome homeschool year.

(A look back at our previous NOT Back to School celebrations: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, somehow I missed 2011, 2012, 2013 they went to public school, and 2014. We started out just having the day off. It’s morphed into a day – or two – of super fun.)

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