First Day of School!

Yesterday we went back to school!

We talked about the timeline and wrote in important family birthdays and when the kids will graduate from high school. Adrian pointed to where we are right now on the timeline.

They watched some of their Latin video.

We went over some religious vocabulary words. This year we’re doing modern teachings using ideas from the Come Follow Me lessons.

We started our modern history year learning about Africa, which Fritz found on the map.

We read a book about Georgia O’Keeffe.

Cameron outlined a two page spread in the Kingfisher History book.

We took a break in the middle to go to taekwondo, eat lunch, discuss some current events, and read a chapter of a read-aloud.

The kids did lots of Language Arts…

…And Reading.

And Math.

Everything went really well until Adrian had to do actual work that involved him actually reading and writing.

But once he got over not wanting to do school, he really enjoyed playing with his homemade playdough that my Beautiful Beehives made at our activity last week.

The day was completely finished about 4. We got started around 8. We took about a 3 hour break in the middle for taekwondo, lunch, etc. Fritz and Cameron didn’t have much left after lunch and were both done by about 2 or so. Adrian’s on his own work is really what took so long (his break between all together and on his own work was much longer than his brothers’).

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