Saturday we had our fall intra-school tournament. Jamie got a third, I got three seconds and a third, Ani got a second and two thirds, Cameron got a second, Fritz got a first, and Adrian got a second.


I have no idea what events any of those were in except Fritz’s first. He got that for board break. He did a double round kick so perfectly. He kept his knee up in the air in the right place and balanced just right while the board was put back together for the second break. I wish I had videoed it. The rest of us competed all at the same time in four different rings (Jamie and Cameron competed against each other because there were only 3 colored belt boys entered so they put the boys in with the men). My ring was crazy with something like 14 women! They’ve never had so many women enter ever. I felt sorry for some of the low rank women, though. About 2/3 of them didn’t place in anything. It’s not easy competing as a yellow belt against a brown belt (I was the highest rank… that’s just nuts!).


The Demo Team performed amazingly. They were seriously incredible. Facebook told me I posted the Demo Team’s performance in the September 2014 tournament a year ago today. Cameron was on the team then, but Ani wasn’t. Watching it I realized just how much these kids have improved in the last year. All the parents and instructors were so proud of the kids. Take a couple minutes and watch this performance. You won’t regret it!

Unfortunately something quite unsportsmanlike went on in the scoring. Our instructor (and program director) are the best in Victory Texas. They have the awards to prove it. People drive quite a distance (and past other Victory schools) to come to our school. As parents, we often get the feeling that some of the other instructors are a bit jealous of our instructor. We feel like on Saturday that jealousy was taken out on a group of 4 teens and 6 children, our school’s demo team. Every instructor doing the scoring (our instructor was not one of the judges) gave our kids 9.5. They gave other groups much higher scores for the most part and not other team got identical scores from every instructor. Our team ended up tied for last place. They tied because the instructor of the school we tied with gave her own team a much higher score than any of the other instructors gave them so that they would not come in last. The sad part of that is our kids learned that high degree black belts do not always play nice and aren’t always disciplined. Thankfully, while the team was upset by the unfairness of the fixing of the scores, they know they did well and should have placed in the top two had their scores been given accurately. Our instructor says to the parents at every belt testing there are only three things to say to our kids in competition or testing: Have fun, do your best, and I love you. Well, our kids had fun, they did their best, and we definitely love them, and that’s what really matters.


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