No Gluten for Adrian

When Ani was told she had to go gluten free, I quickly realized it would just be easier for all of our meals to be gluten free rather than make something special just for her and then worry about cross contamination. The boys have still been eating some gluten. Specifically, Hot Pockets, Hot Pocket Bites, and Ramen. Adrian was eating Hot Pockets or Hot Pocket Bites daily.

Once I was off gluten I discovered that a whole lot of weird symptoms I’ve had for as long as I can remember magically went away. I was told by multiple doctors that I was just a hypochondriac since no test found anything wrong with me. Of course this was before Celiac and not being able to eat gluten became well known so I was never tested for that. I just lived with the symptoms. Then Ani was officially diagnosed with Celiac and not long after I had to take a medication for a few days that contained gluten and all my symptoms came rushing back. Since it’s genetic, it’s pretty much a certainty that my “hypochondria” was actually Celiac the whole time (since then, my father has gone off gluten as well and some symptoms he had all his life and thought were normal, too, went away). A few weeks ago Jamie, who has also been off gluten along with Ani and me, knowingly ate regular pizza. He swelled up like he used to be all the time. At the very least he’s got some sensitivity to gluten.

So that brings me to Adrian. For the last few months we’ve wondered if he has Celiac, too. Genetics being what they are, it wouldn’t surprise us in the least to have a second kid with it. The last few weeks have brought some significant symptoms. The last few weeks also coincide with him eating more gluten containing foods than normal. So we decided we’d just have to take him completely off gluten and see what happens. He’s been off it for a week or so now and several of his issues have resolved. Poor kid. First it was oranges (and grapefruit), then it was watermelon, now it’s gluten. At least having a gluten free kid isn’t a big deal or overwhelming this time around!


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