Back to School, Post Surgery

My surgery being scheduled for November 23rd was perfect since that was already scheduled (when I made my lesson plans back in March – yes I am crazy) as the first day of a one week Thanksgiving break.  At least half of our weeks are 4 day weeks so we were to have off the 30th as well.  We were scheduled to have off on the 19th for Jamie’s birthday as well, but he ended up working that day so we did school which gave us an extra day off after my surgery so we didn’t have to get back to doing school until Wednesday.

So we’ve done 3 days of school (9 left until Christmas break!) and it hasn’t been too bad. I do whatever I can with them from bed. I can read just fine and with the exception of science, I’ve been able to do all the all together work with them. On Wednesday Jamie did science with the boys and today Cameron ran the experiments himself. When it comes to on their own work, I only do writing with Cameron and grammar and writing with Fritz and could still do those from bed. I did grammar and writing with Adrian and Jamie and Ani took over his other on his own subjects. He decided this week to do math on his own with limited help (including at 5:30 in the morning and 9:30 at night…).

So getting back to school has gone okay. Next week I’ll be able to go downstairs for part of the day so we’ll do school like we always have.

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