They’re First Degrees!

Saturday morning Ani and Cameron tested for their first degree black belts. They were both so nervous, but they did awesome.

First they did their forms.

Then they did board breaks. Ani broke on her third try (the reverse side gave her trouble).

Cameron broke all three on his first try. He makes breaking boards look effortless.

Next they sparred.

Finally they did the fit test. No one likes doing the fit test. It is 30 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 10 repetitions of 6 specific kicks, 10 repetitions of a punch-punch-kick-punch-punch-kick combo, and 10 repetitions of four punch combos (equaling 100 punches).

And then they were all done!

Saturday evening was the Black Belt Gala. The belts were presented there.

Ani receiving her new belt from Master Nery.

Cameron receiving his belt from Master Nery.

The kids with our a-meza-ing taekwondo instructor, Mr. Meza. He’s helped make these kids awesome.

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